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By completing the following on-line questionnaire, you will not only obtain a better sense of how your own mind works. You will have within your hands a reference map that can help you chart a more effective trajectory to getting what you need and want in life.

How so? By understanding your own mindset tendencies, as described in Book One of Primal Mind, Primal Games, you can do more than identify and confirm your own strengths of character and areas of inner challenge. It can help you become more conscious of areas within yourself that may be unconsciously holding you back from achieving what you need to become more whole.

So, if you want to see, develop and grow new potentials within yourself, potentials you didn't even know you possessed, completing this survey can help you begin that process in a more effective and meaningful way.

What's more, we do not collect nor do we store any personally identifying information.  In fact, all links connecting your personal survey results to your e-mail address will be destroyed after a period of 30 days.

After completing your survey, an on-line report will be instantly generated for you, along with a "Unique Identifier" code with your report. Hence the importance to keep a physical record of your Unique Identifier.

The initial 'General Report' we generate for you is entirely free. It will give you a sense of where you tend to mentally and emotionally operate. But should you, at a later time wish to receive the more thorough 'Detailed Report', this number will be necessary. So please make and keep a physical record of it.

Though the more 'Detailed Report' is not free, we have tried to keep the cost as low as possible to make it as accessible as possible. For the price of a first run film (e.g. $11 US), and as its name implies, it provides: (1) a more comprehensive interpretation of your mindset scores; (2) a much more thorough analysis of your personal results according to the three bandwidth sub-categories found within each of the three mindsets; and (3) a determination of your Integrating Self Function (ISF) status.  (Go here to see a facsimile of the 10 page Detailed Report.)

To receive such a report requires prior payment, along with a valid e-mail address to which the report can be sent. Since preserving your privacy is important to us, after sending you the Detailed Report, no further solicitation of you from our end will occur.


Can you trust what you what you are about to read?

This Mindset Assessment Instrument was initially co-developed by Canadian psychiatrist Hifzija Bajramovic, M.D., and psychiatry round physician-in-training Michael Jonathan Mohan, M.D. One of its original purposes was to serve as a diagnostic tool to help identify a person's innate temperamental and culturally-conditioned tendencies according to the Primal Process Theory model. This model represents the culmination of more than 40 years of professional practice in clinical psychiatry. Additional refinement suggestions were made by Krista Bristow, M.A. Psychology and by Paul H. LeMay (B.A. Psych.) in 2015 and 2016. We believe this tool to be as good as any of the existing tools now being used to assess personality, aptitude, emotional intelligence or temperament, and perhaps better given the science upon which it is based.


Special Note

Anyone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident, or a series of concussions when engaged in contact sports, or who have abused drugs, should be mindful how these conditions may affect how you currently see yourself and hence how you may respond to this questionnaire. The is also likely true of people who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Those who wish to learn more about these specific topics should consider watching Daniel Amen, MD's excellent TEDx presentation: "The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans." Another March 2017 documentary by The Nature of Things entitled "ADHD: Not Just for Kids" is also well worth watching.


Completion instructions:

Please answer all 108 questions. Choose the answer that best reflects how you initially feel after you read each statement. The accuracy of the survey results depends on how honest you are with your answers. The order of questions within the survey itself has been randomized. A few questions are being asked for wider research purposes.