Library holdings with our books

The following is a listing of public and other institutional libraries known to be listing our first book within their collections. There may be others still unknown to us. We provide this alphabetic list by country and city name to help you find the nearest copy to borrow. If your nearest library does not have our book in their collection, please take the time to contact their acquisitions or collections departments via e-mail or letter to request they acquire copies. Other people have done no less often achieved results within two months. In your note (and for their reference and convenience), best to mention that our books are currently listed and processed by Library Bound, Whitehots and Red Tuque Books in Canada, and that they can find copies of bona fide book reviews on this website.


CANADA <== Click country name to see complete known listing as of December 2016.




München (Munich), Bayerische (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek - State Library of Bavaria). Their collection holds both Book One and Book Two.



Cambridge, England (University of Cambridge Library). Their collection holds both Book One and Book Two.