Brain Science Starter Kit

The lecture in the YouTube video below by Frederick Travis, PhD, Director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition, provides an excellent overview of what we know about the brain based on existing science. For those who know little about the brain -- and that means most of us -- this is a great place to start.

This lecture was delivered at Stanford University as part of a third year biology course (BIO 387), called "Hacking Consciousness - Consciousness, Cognition and the Brain". (For more on the brain, watch this TEDx video of a talk by neuroscientist, Douglas Fields, PhD.)

We offer this suggestion as an informational service to our readers. It will also help to contextualize some of the material we address in our two books. Though we address certain topics touched upon in this lecture in far more detail within our books, this relatively short presentation represents a highly informative entry point into what is often regarded a highly complex topic. That said, our reference to this material should not be construed to represent either an open endorsement or repudiation of Maharishi University or Transcendental Meditation.

Another video you can consider is a TEDx talk presented in Vancouver, BC in 2015 by University of British Columbia brain scientist Lara Boyd. The fact this video has received over 7.5 million views suggests that it is a popular one. It also explains why practice (i.e. repetition of some new learned skill) is so necessary. Repetition is what allows the brain to build a web of new neuronal structures that allow that skill to be "hard-wired" after its basics have been conceptually learned.