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Book One

This work posits three biologically-determined mindsets and how they shape the way we think, feel and react in a largely unconscious fashion. Knowing how they operate helps us not to become their victim.

(To see some of the supporting scientific evidence supporting the threefold structure of human mental tendencies, click here.)

Introducing the Primal Process

Just what is the Primal Mind anyway? And what is its relationship to the Primal Game? In this brief 4 minute clip, psychiatrist Hifzija Bajramovic introduces the basic ingredients you need to know in exploring the evolutionary origins of the human mind-brain system.

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We aren't out of the woods yet!

Is it any wonder our world sometimes goes ape? Genetically speaking, 99% of our DNA is the same as our closest ape relative. As such, our biological nature carries within it a number of largely unconscious tendencies that influence how we see both ourselves and others more often than we might realize.

So what does it mean for your own daily life? And what does it mean when it comes to managing your own mind? Primal Mind Primal Games tells the tale. Built on 10 years of comparative science  research, and drawing on 40+ years of professional counselling experience, Primal Process Theory lets you untangle the jungle of thoughts and emotions that dance daily through your head and heart, revealing the instinctual forces that can both sabotage your life, but also catapult you forward to new levels of understanding and achievement. Comprised of four major components, Primal Mind Primal Games unveils a series of 'skeleton keys' that lets you see, understand and navigate unseen instinct-based programs driving many aspects of how you and others think:

3 default mindsets
6 comparison patterns
4 REAL Orientation Function force factors
1 integrating function

So whether you work in business, advertising, politics, government, law enforcement, the justice system, journalism, the entertainment industry, or in the spheres of education or health care, you owe it to yourself to know how the hidden programs running the ape side of our nature ultimately shape so much of why we do what we do. The restless ape within will thank you, as will those in your world.

Jean Vanier, PhD, Founder of L’Arche

A passionate book! … there is something profound being said… This book is a challenge and an invitation.

Gabor Maté, MD and author

…highly original, intricate and deeply thoughtful… …it is theory with a practical dimension.

Holly Larocque, singer and entertainer

Engaging, readable, brilliant, and for those who chose to allow it, life altering. It is so needed in this weary world!

Roy MacSkimming, Novelist

…an absolutely original, challenging, maddening and ultimately enlightening book.

Island Catholic News

The authors, one surmises, had a lot of fun writing this book, and the reader, despite the seriousness and complexity contained between the covers, will find their enthusiasm infectious.

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Primal Mind Primal Game Book 2 Cover

Book Two

In this work we look at how the Primal Process, as described in Book One, unconsciously shaped our history, our politics and our science, and, if we choose to let it, how it may determine our future.

Primal Games: Playing the Trump Card.  June 2017 print interview of co-author Hifzija Bajramovic covering some of the key themes addressed in Book Two. Click here

The Alternating Liberal - Conservative Dynamic

Ever notice how the political pendulum seems to swing between liberal and conservative? In this 3 min. 44 second video, Psychiatrist Hifzija Bajramovic offers his take on this very topic as covered in our second Primal Mind, Primal Games book. New: To access our ideological carousel, click here.

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