Primal Mind Primal Games

Overview of Book One and Book Two Content

The ‘Primal Process’ is a meta process that governs much of life, a process whose nature is well described by a theory first developed by Hifzija Bajramovic to address the psycho-dynamics involved in victimization.

Naturally, none of us likes to think of ourselves as ‘victims’. Instead, we prefer to think of ourselves as powerful agents in charge of our own lives. While this is certainly true to an extent, it is equally true that because we all took birth in human bodies, and our bodies have their own developmental history laden with biological processes that were set in motion a billion years ago, we are also at the mercy of these processes. Try holding your breath for five minutes, and you’ll quickly understand what we mean. In this sense, the life process itself isn’t just our home, it is also the process that has put all life on Earth on a trajectory of experience over which it has a limited range of control.

Yet, when we understand how these underlying processes have come to shape the way we think, and by extension, behave, we not only acquire a great ability to navigate life’s endless stream of challenges. We can help chart a course that can prevent us from sinking beneath this stream’s sometimes merciless currents. This process is the basis of both the Primal Mind and the Primal Games that emerge out of it.

Our first book contains but eight chapters focusing on the personal dimensions of the Primal Process, enough to understand the fundamentals of this process. And it contains a practical ‘how to’ chapter called Cultivating the Integrating Self Function. (Find its Table of Contents here.)

Our now released second book focuses on the political, anthropological, social and historical dimensions of how the Primal Process has impacted humanity, and the implications this holds for our collective future. (Find its Table of Contents by clicking here.)