Primal Mind, Primal Games – Book Trailer

"Our souls as well as our bodies are composed of individual elements which were all present in the ranks of our ancestors."
Carl Jung*

Primal Mind Primal Games outlines the inner workings of many of those very elements and what it means to living a better and more sane life.


*The opening quote by Carl Jung featured in our Primal Mind, Primal Games book trailer is from "Memories, Dreams, Reflections", Edited by Ariela Jaffé, translated from the German text Erinmerungen Traumi Gedanken by Richard and Clara Winston, Vintage Books Edition, (original copyright 1961), Random House Inc. April 1989.

Trailer script co-written by: Paul H. LeMay, Peter Bromley and Suzanne Fidler.

Voice over narrator: Suzanne Fidler, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Visual script: Paul LeMay and Peter Bromley. Video production: Peter Bromley, Peru Blue Sky, Vancouver, B.C.

Original soundtrack compositions: Main soundtrack - Peter Bromley. African drumming segment by Kwasi B. Irougjn, extracted from his recording 'Kokoma', Copyright SOCAN 1995. Released 2005. Used with permission.

Also in this regard, we wish to thank African Arts and Percussions, 163 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and Canadian entertainer Holly Larocque for providing constructive feedback during our book trailer's production period.

Stills credits: Masks by Peter Bromley; African savannah shot - ©; Man with gears over open skull in the desert - © Bruce Rolff/