Though every responsible writer, editor and proof reader does their very best to spot typographical errors and other copy writing oversights, as did we with this book, humans are not perfect in this regard. This page notifies readers of where outstanding typographical errors were identified in the Canadian Edition of Book One after printing took place. This will allow you to correct them by hand if you so wish.

Page 5, last indented paragraph, first sentence, the word 'endeavor' was mistakenly used in our Canadian English spelling edition. It should read 'endeavour'.

Page 11, fourth line, the word 'which' should actually be the word 'this'.

Page 13, the last sentence of the first indented paragraph, the sub-title of our second book was listed as "How Your World Came To Be". This was later updated to "Dawn Breaks Over Armageddon". Our first book was typeset before this decision was taken.

Page 36, in the "Cognition" paragraph, ninth line, the word "to" is missing before the words "our cortex".

Page 86, first line, reference is made to Figure 4.6 when in fact it should be Figure 4.7 found on pages 79 and 80.

Page 126, second indented paragraph, the word "to" is missing between 'due' and 'an increase'.

Page 193, third paragraph, 'glimpse experiences' is missing a single quote mark on the end.

Page 217, first indented paragraph, 8th line, insert the word "to" between "but" and "say". Also in the same paragraph, 10th line, insert the word "given" between the words "board" and "the dissonance".

If you spot what you believe represents a typographical error, please let us know by using the contact form accessible via the home page. Many thanks.