The following works broach one of the more controversial topics connected to the victimization of science, an area we explore in some considerable depth in our second Primal Mind, Primal Games book, sub-titled Dawn Breaks Over Armageddon. Here, however, the focus is more on how this process has spilled over into the medical establishment.

ANATOMY OF AN EPIDEMIC - Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America. Author/Journalist Robert Whitaker, who is also the co-author of Psychiatry Under the Influence - Institutional Corruption, Social Injury and Prescription for Reform with Lisa Cosgrove, explores the rampant conflicts of interest between the pharmaceutical industry and the psychiatric profession in the United States.

As a cautionary tale, Whitaker's works help demonstrate how neither science nor medicine is immune to the effects of the Primal Process.