Table of Contents for Book II

Foreword by Jean Vanier



Chapter 1 - Now All The Way Back, Seen From All The Way Up
1. The Impact of the Primal Process on Human Evolution
– New Perspectives from the Big Picture
2. Down to Earth – The Panorama Unfolds
3. Another Aspect of the Big Picture – Warfare in the Primal Process
a) New Dynamics for the Fighting Mindset 
b) The Fighting Mindset and the Creation/Destruction Dynamic
c) Politics Enters the Ring – Fighting Picks up Symbolic Sticks

Chapter 2 - Primal Games in a World of Ideologies
1. Liberal/Conservative Dynamics in Biology and Society
2. Ideology – The Primal Mind with a Thousand Faces
a) Tribalism
b) Religionism
c) Monarchism 
d) Feudalism
e) Nationalism
f) Journalism
g) Socialism 
h) Politicism
3. More Synergies Spin the Ride
a) From Capitalism to Corporatism 
b) Libertarianism
c) When Corporatism and Libertarianism Meet Politicism
d) $cientism
e) When Libertarians Meet Technology
f) When Liberalism Meets Communalism
4. An Overview of Ideologies in the Primal Games Vortex

Chapter 3 - 20th Century Changes to the Primal Games Chessboard
1. Will that be Tea or Coffee?
2. The Arcing Dynamic of World War I
3. The Primal Process Cauldron of the Great Depression
4. World War II – Unfinished Business Boils Over
5. A Postwar Heyday for Needs and Wants
6. The Boomer Era – When the Flower Children Blossomed

Chapter 4 - Dawn Breaks Over Armageddon 
1. GenMe’s Modern Moves... Toward the ISF? – A Cohort Like None Before
2. Are We Transitioning into an ISF Age?

Chapter 5 - Science's Dance with the Primal Process 
1. Science: The Double-Edged Sword of Our Primal Mind's Making?
2. Science Emerges Out of Evolution's Shadows
3. Science Finds Its Voice - When Evolution Itself Stood Upright
4. The Rise of $cientism
a) Faraday's Field of Dreams - Ascent Above the Masters
b) The Monster in the Laboratory - When Dr. Jekyll Became Mr. Hyde
c) The Monster-at-large in the Modern World - When Hyde Arrived at Everyone's Door
d) Coming to Terms with What Lurks Below
e) $cientism and Institutional Capture - The Pervasive Reign of $cientism

Chapter 6 - The ISF Emerges Within Science
1. The Science of Ideas - A Science Within a Science
a) The Fractal Silver Lining Dark Storm Clouds - The Case of Benoît Mandelbrot
b) Columbus Over the Edge Again - Sailing from Ideas into Theories
c) Open Minds, Open Roads - Power at Play
d) The Role of Consonance and Dissonance - An ISF perspective on Jekyll & Hyde out for a stroll
e) A Hall of Mirrors - How Assumptions Map Our Course
2. Even More Cracks in the Beaker
a) Re-awakening the ISF Scientist-Mystic
b) A Case of Rupert Sheldrake
c) Into Unknown Unknowns
d) Cafeteria Science - New Buddies for Galileo & Co.

Chapter 7 - On The Origins of The Primal Mind - An ISF Science Supplement
1. Dropping a Second Anchor
2. Moored to the Infinitesimally Small
a) Pickin’ Up Good Vibrations 
b) B-B-B-BABY, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet 
c) Fly Me to the Moon – From Pi Rings to Proteins… 
3. Cell Membranes – The Original Biological Judge
4. Broader implications

Epilogue - Some Concluding Thoughts
Our Thanks - Acknowledging the Web of Connectedness