Victimization Process Theory reference

As cited in the Bibliography under Bajramovic, Hifzija and Perkins, Rosalie, A. (1997).  The Process of Victimization Theory, Department of Psychiatry, Ottawa Hospital, internal department research paper, and B.A. Honours Thesis for the Dept. of Psychology, Carleton University; and courtesy of Ms Perkins (now Rosalie Jessop), we were granted permission to scan a PDF copy of that thesis and to provide access here: Victimization Process Theory - Perkins 1997 

The paper cited herein was researched and written by Rosalie Perkins of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and was submitted in partial fulfillment of her B.A. degree in Psychology at Carleton University in 1997. The Process of Victimization Theory on which her thesis was based emerged out of clinical multiple years of psychiatric observations and modelling completed by Hifzija Bajramovic, MD, who was at the time serving as a staff psychiatrist within the Outpatient Unit of the Department of Psychiatry at the Ottawa Hospital, and as a member of this teaching hospital's teaching faculty of the University of Ottawa's School of Medicine.

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