Spotlight on an empty chair. Concept of someone important to arrive.

Throughout the course of our two books, we make occasional reference to certain films and television series to help clarify certain points. Among these have been: A Few Good MenBaby Boom, Mama Mia!The Waltons, and The Paper Chase.

We even make reference to another Jack Nicholson film, As Good As It Gets, to help convey a point in some areas of our Detailed Survey Report offered on this website.

The point we wish to make here is that film and television plot lines are more than mere fictional dramatizations designed to amuse and entertain idle minds. The believe-ability of these stories rests on the fact they reflect actual psychological processes unfolding within human beings. In fact, the better they do that, the more believable and compelling they are as stories. In this sense, films provide incisive examples of the Primal Process at work. Indeed plot structures depend on the very complex system dynamics we outline in our texts.

So, aspiring screenwriters take note! If you one day hope to write that great blockbuster film, best to get a handle on the bio-psycho-social dynamics unfurled in our two books.

And that's not all. Looking at the types of films you tend to watch can tell you a lot about the mindset to which you gravitate. The opposite also applies.

More later.