Paul H. LeMay

Curriculum Vitae Summary

Paul H. LeMay


  • Co-author of Primal Mind, Primal Games: Why We Do What We Do, a ~282-page, inter-disciplinary non-fiction book that looks at the evolution of three default mindsets within the human mind, and their impact on the way we think and behave (ISBN: 978-0-9937320-0-3) released for sale in Canada in October 2015; and a second follow-on companion volume, Primal Mind, Primal Games: Dawn Breaks Over Armageddon, a 400-page book on how human history, politics and science unfolded as a consequence (ISBN 978-0-9937320-4-1), released December 2016.
  • Ten years of science research/writing experience related to the aforementioned book with Hifzija Bajramovic, MD, an Ottawa-based psychiatrist with the University of Ottawa, School of Medicine and the Ottawa Hospital.
  • Twice research project team coordinator and applicant to Own the Podium Top Secret sport science research program.
  • Eight additional years of communications-related experience ranging from thematic concept design to final product presentation in both print and broadcasting media in both the private and public sectors. More than fifty published articles.
  • Additional experience working in the offices of three Canadian Senators. One additional year of work involving the preparation of confidential ministerial and parliamentary briefing documents. Three previous years working as a part-time communications and media-training consultant on Parliament Hill.
  • Ten years of administrative experience in national and local level organizations.
  • Speak English and French.

Professional experience in traditional office settings – (in reverse chronological order)

  • Government of Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage, Public Affairs & Communications Sector: Project Officer, PM-5, term position (2002-2003) unit.
  • Office of the Honourable Sheila Finestone, PC, Senator: Special Assistant, full-time position (2001-2002).
  • Government of Canada, HRDC-Labour, Operations Directorate, Occupational Health & Safety Unit: Legislative and Communications Assistant, Canada Labour Code amendment team: Project Officer, PM-5, term position (2000-2001).
  • Canada’s Fitweek Secretariat: National Projects Coordinator, contract position (1988-1989).
  • Canadian Ski Association: National Teams Coordinator for the Ski Jumping & Nordic Combined Disciplines and Technical Coordinator of the Nordic Combined Discipline, full-time position (1984-1987).
  • Canadian Badminton Association: Recreation Coordinator, contract position (1984).
  • Government of Canada, Fitness & Amateur Sport, Special Projects Office: Research Contributions Program Administrator, contract position (1984).
  • Canadian Cycling Association: Interim Director of Recreation & Transportation, Project Coordinator, and Media Liaison (1983). Great Ottawa to Montreal Cycling Challenge: Event Director (1982-1983)
  • Canadian Olympic Association: Research Assistant (1982). Authored a 100 page report entitled: The Status of Marketing within National Sport Organizations in Canada, for use by the C.O.A. and Olympic Trust of Canada


Additional professional experience

  • Independent research and communications consultant (1989 to present). Clients have included: Ottawa Hospital (2005-2012); Government of Canada, Climate Change Secretariat, Annual Report proof reader (2000); Liberal Senate Caucus Research Bureau (1999-2001); Executive Producer, Voices of Peace documentary project (1999) with the Canadian International Institute for Applied Negotiation; Lenthall & Associates entertainment project management group, Ottawa (1998-1999). Government of Canada, Health Canada, Seniors Secretariat (1989); International Sport Information Services, via Sport Marketing Council, contributing writer (1989).
  • Freelance writer/broadcaster (1989-2012). Clients have included: Vancouver Sun; Calgary Herald; Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen; The Hill Times; Ottawa News; Common Ground Magazine, Health Action Network Magazine (BC), Ski Canada Magazine; Monday Magazine (Victoria); Island Publishers (Victoria); Cowichan Newsleader, Duncan, B.C.; Dance Magazine (NYC); Dance Connection (Calgary); Dance-in-Canada Magazine (Toronto); CBC Radio. (For more detail see following page under published work.)


Academic credentials

  • Graduate Diploma in Sports Administration, Concordia University, 1983. (Core curriculum: Accounting, Finance, Principles of Management, Institutional Marketing, Sport and Recreational Program Administration.)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psych), Carleton University, 1979.

 Supplementary Study 

  • Canadian Government and Politics, second year political science course Carleton University, 1989.09 - 1990.04.
  • Introduction to German, first year course, Carleton University, 1985.05-08.
  • Sports and the Law in Canada, second year law course, Carleton University, 1981.09-12.
  • Public International Law, fourth year law course, Carleton University, 1980.05-08.

Professional Development

  • Production Management - Summer Institute of Film and Television, Hull, Quebec 1999.06. An intensive, industry respected one week workshop covering budget planning, expense tracking, crew contract negotiation, equipment rental, and project task coordination.
  • Intermediate Screenwriting, Canadian Screen Training Centre, Ottawa 1996.01-03.
  • Introduction to Screenwriting, Canadian Screen Training Centre 1994.10-12.
  • Introduction to Dramatic Acting, Ottawa Board of Education 1992.01-02.
  • Successful Broadcasting & Feature Writing, Algonquin College, Ottawa 1989.10.
  • Commercial Writing Techniques, Ottawa Board of Education, 1989-10.


Science-related Published Work

  • The Case for Symbiotic Photovoltaic Effects in the Growth of Tetrahedral Oxy-subhydride (TOSH) Structures and their Function in the Biological Exclusion Zones of Anchored Polar Solvents Including Water -- Part II. Submitted for peer review consideration in the Water Journal on January 17, 2017.
  • The Case for Tetrahedral Oxy-subhydride (TOSH) Structures in the Exclusion Zones of Anchored Polar Solvents Including Water. Entropy Journal, Volume 16, Issue 11, November 3, 2014, pages 5712-5720.
  • Labelling of foods containing GMOs could awaken sleeping political populist giants. The Hill Times, 2013.10.14, page 13, 1,837 word Op-Ed.
  • Vitamin E: The good, the bad and the ugly. Common Ground Magazine, Issue 237, ~2,390-word science article.
  • Natural Health Products: Prescription Required? Health Action Network Society Magazine, Summer 2010 edition, pages 10-11, 1,300-word Op/Ed.


Non Science-related Published Work

  • Jack Sproule's Engaging Quizzical Nature & Perceptive Flair, Island Catholic News, Volume 30, Number 10. Winter 2016/2017, page 7, 1,120 word retrospective on the life of a Catholic priest.
  •  Trudeau, Francis, and the Trans-Partisan Political Era, Island Catholic News, Vol. 29, No. 10, 11, 12. Winter 2015/16, page 10-11. ~1,703 word commentary/analysis.
  • Trudeau and dawn of post-partisan political era, The Hill Times, 2015.12.07, page 20, ~1,485 words.
  • Trudeau, Pope Francis and the dawn of the post-partisan political eraThe Prairie Messenger, Volume 93, No. 20, November 4, 2015. ~2,100 word feature-length commentary.
  • Schools to Infuse Heart and Mind Training. Island Catholic News, Volume 28, No. 10, 11 & 12. Winter 2014. page 4. 1,000 word guest Editorial.
  • Genetically Mutated Food: Ultimate Wedge Issue – The Corporate Controlled Menu: Utopian Science or Dystopian Disaster. The Island Catholic News, Volume 27, Issue 10, 11 and 12, Winter 2013-3014. pages 8 and 11, ~1,600 words.
  • Walking the Christian walk: GMO food labels and faith. The Prairie Messenger, Volume 91, No. 22, November 20, 2013, pages 15 and 17, ~2,013 word Op-Ed.
  • Staffers working for politicians involved in scandal stuck between a rock and hard place. The Hill Times, 2013.08.19, page 10, ~ 787 word Op-Ed.
  • Cooperation is the Liberal Brand. The Hill Times, 2013.04.08, page 15, ~1,140 word Op-Ed.
  • Liberals shouldn’t be too proud. The Hill Times, 2013.02.04, page 17, ~1,750 word Op-Ed.
  • Nexen versus Dalai Lama: A fine political pickle. The Hill Times, 2012.10.01, on-line edition, ~800 word Op-Ed.
  • Rae’s decision right move, but Grits better not begin internecine Grit warfare again. The Hill Times, 2012.06.18, page 10, ~750 words.
  • Robo-Gate: Will it take Big Brother to save Canadian democracy? The Hill Times, 2012.03.26, page 23, ~1,160-word Op/Ed.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall: Whose political party is the fairest among them all? The Hill Times, 2012.01.09, page 6 ~1,600-word Op/Ed.
  • What the Senate might look like in 2015. The Hill Times, 2011.07.11, page 13, ~1,080 word Op/Ed.
  • Bob Rae’s St. Crispin’s Day speech. The Hill Times, 2011.11.14, ~740 word Op/Ed.
  • Why Senate reform matters: Electing senators could help bring fairer representation to Parliament as a whole, and ensure strong Quebec voice, Montreal Gazette, 2011.07.20, p. A-17, ~1,084 word Op/Ed.
  • Why’s an elected Senate so important? Confederation itself may hang in balance. The Hill Times, 2011.06.20, page 25, ~1,300- word Op/Ed.
  • How I tried to wake up the Liberal Party before it was too late. The Hill Times, 2011.05.09, p. 39, ~990 word Op/Ed.
  • It’s not enough just to vote: Why Canada’s democracy needs an upgrade. Common Ground Magazine, Issue 238, May 2011, pp 10-11, ~3,200-word Op/Ed feature. Circulation: 250,000.
  • Digital barbarians at the gates? Some psycho-demographic considerations to chew on. The Hill Times, 2010.12.13, ~775 word Op/Ed.
  • Democratically-elected Chambers: Some interesting Comparisons. The Hill Times, 2010.01.25, page 22, ~830-word Op-Ed. Ottawa-area circulation: 50,000.
  • Stop political shell game on public policy. The Hill Times, 2009.12.14, page 20, ~1,030-word Op/Ed.
  • Liberal Senator Finestone had chutzpah, recalls a former staffer. The Hill Times, 2009.06.15, page 12, ~744-word Obit.
  • Copps out of touch on Liberals, socialists. The Hill Times, 2009.02.16, page 9, ~530-word rebuttal to February 9th 2009 Hill Times article by former Deputy Prime Minister Sheila Copps entitled: “People expect politicians to cooperate in times of acute economic anxiety”, p. 9.
  • Time for a referendum on Senate reform and proportional representation. Hill Times, 2008.11.17, pp. 46-47, ~1865 words.
  • Is Dion out-of-synch with voters or are his critics out of touch with reality? The Hill Times, 2008.06.02, p. 36, ~1,390-words.
  • How to break political stalemate on the Hill? With an opposition coalition, The Hill Times, 2008.04.21, page 18, ~1,300-words.
  • The Corporate bottom line comes to the Olympics, The Vancouver Sun, 2008.04.17, ~880-word Op/Ed.
  • MPs are not lords, staffers aren’t serfs. The Hill Times, 2008.03.17, page 12, ~1,400 word analysis + information table.
  • It’s time Liberals elect their deputy leader, follow Britain’s lead. The Hill Times, 2006.11.27, page 20, ~875-word Op/Ed.
  • The Kennedy Gambit, The Hill Times, 2006.10.23, page 6, ~600-word Op/Ed. Circulation: 50,000.
  • Changing the Liberal Diaper. The Varsity, the U. of Toronto student paper 2006.10.16, ~529-word Op/Ed.
  • Changing the Liberal Diaper: Who will stoop to the poop to conquer? The Hill Times, 2006.10.15, page 45, ~614-word Op-Ed. Circulation: 50,000.
  • Local Landmark Removed, Ottawa Citizen, 1995.06.02, page C-6, ~200-word news article. Circulation: 136,000.
  • Bank Street Landmark Derailed, The News, 1995.06.07, ~250-word news article and photo in four community targeted newspapers. Ottawa area circulation: 11,550.
  • History Re-enacted at Billings Estate, The News, 1995.06.07, ~100-word news article and photo on historical re-enactors. Ottawa area circulation: 11,550.
  • Wildmen, Drumming & Ordinary Joes. A Men's Magazine, Spring 1992, pp 2-6, ~2,200-word feature, Ottawa. Circ.: 5,000.
  • Healing Brokenness: Reflections of a Synod Neophyte, Island Catholic News, 1991.02, pages 8-9, ~1,750-word feature article. Vancouver Island circulation: 3,000+
  • International School of Dance, Stars of the Future, and International Festival of Dance, Dance Connection, 1990.11-12 and 1991.01; pages 56 and 57. Western Canada circulation: 6,000.
  • Pit Bulls in Paradise, This Week, Island Publishers weekly newsmagazine, 1990.11.21, pages 1 and 7, ~985-word news feature. Victoria area circulation: 103,000.
  • Shades of 1984: Do political parties conduct polls to measure or manipulate public opinion? Monday Magazine, 1990.11.25, page 6, ~950-word exposé. Victoria area circulation: 50,000.
  • Shades of 1984. The Peak, 1990.11.15, page 8. Simon Fraser University, Burnaby campus circulation.
  • Two Stars Upstaged: Supporting cast impresses at the International Festival of Dance. Monday Magazine, 1990.08.30, pages 13-14, ~250-word dance performance review. Victoria area circulation: 50,000.
  • Bolshoi by the Pacific, Monday Magazine, 1990.05, pages 12-13, ~400-word news article. Victoria area circulation: 50,000.
  • Nureyev Now! Dance Magazine, 1990.05, pp 32-36, ~2,100-word cover story feature. Circulation: 55,000.
  • Nureyev on Creativity. Dance in Canada, Autumn 1989, p. 44 (Back Page), ~840-word Q&A. Nationally distributed magazine.
  • Leaps of Faith, Ski Canada Magazine, pre-Olympic edition, Spring 1988. Volume 16, No. 6, ~3,700-word news feature. Nationally distributed magazine, circulation: 50,000.
  • Why do Canadian ski jumpers choke on race day? Calgary Herald, 1987.11.07, page A-5, full page, ~2,600-word feature. Calgary area circulation: 130,000.


Nationally Broadcast Work

  • Encounter with a Saint, Tapestry, CBC Radio, 2001.03.11 and 2001.07.22. Documentary feature.
  • North American Dance Coup, The Arts Report, CBC Radio, 1990.08.24 at 07:30 + 08:30hrs. News report.
  • The Green Revolution, Open House, CBC Radio, 1990.04.28 and 1990.04.29: Pre-recorded commentary.


Community involvement history 

  • Dalai Lama Center for Peace & Education, Vancouver, BC. Volunteer 2009-2014.
  • Smart Rail Society (BC) (previously called Semiahmoo Peninsula Citizens for Public Safety), established January 2006 to present. Founder then board member of this citizen-based advocacy group campaigning to relocate a derailment prone shoreline railway track in the BC lower mainland to a safer inland route.
  • Friends of Canadian Sport and an associate of the Sports Matters Group, member since 2002.
  • World Conference on Religion and Peace, Ottawa Chapter, member (1998-1999).
  • A Gathering of Men, Glebe Community Centre, facilitator (1991.12 - 1992.05).
  • City of Stratford Theatre Centre Committee, member (1988).
  • National Capital Indoor Athletics Facility Citizens' Committee, chairman (1983.12 - 1987.04). Initiated and coordinated a committee comprised of track and field and recreational running club representatives that campaigned for an indoor track facility in Ottawa. Recognized in by-law as official fundraiser.
  • National Capital Runners' Association, Board of Directors (1984-1986). The association represented 800 area members.
  • Ottawa Kinsmen-Harriers Track & Field Club, president (1984-85).
  • Committee for the Preservation of the Olympic Games, chairman, Ottawa (1979-1980). Founding member and coordinator of an ad-hoc committee comprised of national team athletes and Canadian citizens struck to advocate: (1) the inclusion of athlete advisors within the I.O.C. and the C.O.A. (a proposal that was eventually adopted); (2) the right of Canadian athletes to decide whether to attend the 1980 Moscow Olympics for themselves; and (3) that nations be required to become party to an international Olympic treaty designed to insulate the Games from political interference.