Integrating Self Function

What is the Integrating Self Function?

In addition to the three mindsets,Primal Process Theory posits the existence of an Integrating Self Function, which as the term implies, is able to consider, if not blend, information discerned in one mindset with the information discerned in the others. This is the basis of a healthier balanced view of reality.


Figure 4.1

Research into the brain has demonstrated that the cingulate cortex, which is located in an arc just above the Corpus Callosum, is largely involved in performing this function. The Corpus Callosum is the nerve bundle that interconnects the left and right hemispheres of the brain. (The picture above shows the right hemisphere.) Integrative functions are also very likely performed by the various white matter cells in our brain known as glia. Glia cells constitute 84 billion cells in our brains, while neurons represent about 86 billion cells. They are also heavily involved in the Orientation Function, which itself, was a likely evolutionary precursor of the Integrating Self Function itself.

skull and text

One of the notable distinctions between glia and neurons is that neurons use the all-or-nothing action potential system of activation, which is to say, they operate in a binary-like fashion; whereas glia use calcium signalling, which is a wireless, non-electrical potential form of inter-cellular communication. Interestingly, when you get a MRI for your brain, it is measuring glia cells, not neurons. Although much slower information processors than neurons, the intricacy of white matter connections, as well as their wireless communication capability, implies that glia rely more on a network or 'connectedness' form of communication. By comparison, neurons are more 'separative' in their information processing nature. Both modalities of information processing have wider implications for how we experience consciousness.

Not surprisingly, the Integrating Self Function (ISF) is also associated with spiritual awareness and development. Like the comparison patterns associated with the mindsets, the ISF also has its own phases of expression, phases which are outlined in chapter 7 of Book One of Primal Mind, Primal Games. This faculty too is measured in our Detailed Report, which is available on-line on this website.