A Comparison of Theories Denoting a Threefold Structure to Human Mental Tendencies

This page provides two similar PDF tables comparing a range of independently derived theories which all tend to cluster around a tripartite schema relating to human mental tendencies.  Some of the theories listed were derived from clinical practice and/or field observations (e.g. Transactional Analysis by Eric Berne, the Child Temperament Model by Chess, Thomas and Birch, and Primal Process Theory by Hifzija Bajramovic); while others have been extensively tested and quantitatively validated (i.e. E.R.G. Theory by Clayton Alderfer, and the Learning Mindset Model by Carol Dweck). Of course, additional details relating to this evidence are presented and discussed in Book One.

Link to PDF Table:  A comparative analysis of theories with Primal Process Theory - with citations

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