The following is one of the more important resources to which we make reference in our first book.

THE OTHER BRAIN: From Dementia to Schizophrenia, How New Discoveries about the Brain Are Revolutionizing Medicine and Science.

Brain scientist R. Douglas Fields surveys some of the latest research in his field that promises to overturn much of our current thinking about how the brain works. It seems that our currently taught neuron-centric model tells but half the story about how the brain actually operates. It uses both a neuron-based hardwired system and a glia-based wireless system. The wider implications for framing our current understandings of how human consciousness operates are staggering.

Also on the topic of the latest in brain science, see: Appendix C


NEUROGENESIS IN THE HIPPOCAMPI: King's College brain researcher Sandrine Thuret outlines the way adult brains create new nerve cells in the hippocampi.

The hippocampi, if you recall, are the brain structures we discussed in Chapter 4 of Book One as it relates to the Orientation Function. It turns out that they are involved in more than spatial navigation, memory and contextualization of emotions. They are involved in regulating mood.