Table of Contents for Book I

Foreword by Jean Vanier

Introduction by Paul LeMay

Introduction by Hifzija Bajramovic

Chapter 1 - Enmeshed In An Unconscious Game

1. Glances in the Mirror – Beset from Every Angle
2. Empires of the Mind – Chessboards in the Making
3. Dawn of an Idea – Elements Emerge

Chapter 2 - Primal Process Unfurled
1. The Fighting Mindset – You Can’t Handle The Truth
2. The Appeasing Mindset – You Can’t Always Get What You Want
a) Needs, Wants, We, Me, and . . . Whatever
b) On Your Mark! – Appeasing Mindset Rocks the Personal Cradle
c) Getting Set! – In the Appeasing Mindset Way
d) Go! – The Appeasing Mindset Spawns New Mental Capabilities
3. The Defeated Mindset – Gimme Shelter… So As to Avoid the ‘Helter Skelter!
4. The Art of Cusping – Transitioning Among the Mindsets

Chapter 3 - Evolutionary Origins of the Primal Process Mindsets
1. How Mindsets Are Linked to the Physical Plane
2. Biology-Anchored Dynamics – The Case of Fight, Flight and Freeze
a) How Primal Process Mindsets Arose from Instinct 
b) Computer-generated Physical/Behavioral Ties
c) Fight, Flight and Freeze Across Human Behaviors

Chapter 4 - The Orientation Compass - Global Positioning in
The Primal Mind
1. The Orientation Function Makes It REAL
2. How We Compare Inside and Out – Our Standing in the World
a) Comparison Pattern Processing from the Existing Psychology Perspective
b) Comparison Pattern Processing from the Primal Process Theory View
c) Comparison Pattern Processing – Three Case Studies
3. How Comparison Patterns Generate Conflict

Chapter 5 - Synergies at Work - Let the Primal Games Begin! 
1. Primal Process ‘Game Dynamics’ – Inside and Out
2. Task Specialization – Behold the Law of Unintended Consequences
3. Masters Emerge
a) Here Comes the Judge! – An In-Depth Look at the Judging Process
b) Masters Who Care and Those Who Do Not
c) Token Homage to Masters Who Don’t Care
d) When Separate Means More – More Markets, Wants, and Troubles!
e) Bond(aged) or Banish(ed)

Chapter 6 - The Primal Process Vortex - Reaping the Whirlwind
1. Stop, I Want to Get Off!
2. This Ain’t No Linear Ride
3. Spotting Mindset Facets in The Vortex – Two Case Studies
a) The Case of Role Playing as an Aspect
b) The Story of Mark as an Individual
4. Truth, Anyone?

Chapter 7 - The Integrating Self Function (ISF) – Taming Those Wild Horses
1. Slowing Down the Ride
2. The Yearn for Connectedness – Lessons from Einstein’s Brain
3. The Integrating Self Function’s Experiential Nature
a) ISF Peek-a-boo
b) Catching ISF Glimpses on the Long Primal Process Trail…
c) The ISF Moon in All its Phases
d) The ISF Moon in its REAL Entirety
e) Integrating Self Function Figures within Our World 

Chapter 8 - Cultivating The Integrating Self Function
a) Practicing Mindfulness, Western Style 
b) When IMAP Gets REAL 
2. ISF Relating – Three Conditions at Play
a) The Open Invitation 
b) Being Comfortably Capable 
c) In my Favor as Well
3. Applying the Integrating Self Function Relating Tool Socially
4. Forgiveness – An Old Prescription for a New Society
5. Keeping It All Together – Optimal Concentration and Balance of Stimulation

Epilogue – Some Concluding Thoughts 

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