The importance of human connection and why it matters in addiction.

Our ability to form meaningful human relationships was and is a key factor in our survival as a species. Yet the pace and social structure of modern urban societies tends to alienate us from one another. While Primal Mind, Primal Games gets to the heart of what harms relationship building, who knew that addiction might be amplified by our inability to make meaningful human connection. The following two resources present supplemental information in this regard.

  1. What really causes addiction -- to everything from cocaine to smartphones? Johann Hari delivers a rather interesting mind-opening take on the question of Addiction in this TED talk delivered in London, England. (Talk duration: 14 minutes 34 seconds.)

  2. Also on the topic of addiction, and in a similar vein of understanding, we are most impressed by the work of author/physician Gabor Maté, who based on his many years counselling addicts in the front lines of Vancouver's downtown east side, has penned several books in this regard. Among these are: When the Body Says No - The Cost of Hidden Stress. In it, he explores how emotions are intimately connected to our body's hormonal system, especially our immune system. Maté is also the author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, where he also explores the topic of addiction. He is also co-author of Hold On to Your Kids with Dr. Gordon Neufeld.